General leader of the Islamic Movement has visited Hawraman area

On  the third day of his visit to  Hawraman , Dear sheik Irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz ,the leader of the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan and the accompanying delegation arrived on Khurmal. On 15/5/2017 Dear sheikh Irfan arrived  in Khurmal and received a warm welcome and hospitality by mr.Ali Haji zalmi the …

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General leader of the islamic movement has visited Pshdar area

At 25/4/2017 on Saturday the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan Irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz with accompanied delegation of members of political bureau the shura council has visited the area of Pshdar. First of full in the city of Ranya. by brothers Mr Muhamad Amin Ashouri member of the political …

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The general leader has visited Chamchamall region

Today morning of Wednesday at 7:30 dear sheikh irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz the general leader of the Islamic Movement by accompanying delegation Mamosta Hssen and Mamosta Kamil Mahmood members of Politburo with Mamosta Said Othman Ahmad members of council has visited Chamchmall area. First of full, by members and official center …

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All three Islamic Party held meeting

On Saturday 15/4/2017 in Sulaimanyah all three Islamic party ;Islamic Movement,Islamic Union, Islamic Group)held meeting.Sheikh Erfan Ali Abdul- Aziz the general leader of the Islamic Movement, dear Salahaddin Muhammad Baha-Addin,general secretary of the Islamic Union and Sheikh Ali Bapir,the Amir of the Islamic Group in Kurdistan ,held meeting in city …

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