irfan ali 3

Corruption Epidemic

 part 2

Irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz

Kurdistan Region after year 1991 (since 1991), passed through a very sensitive (passed a very critical) stage. That the military defeat (failure) of Saddam from the Arabian Gulf War and the revolution of Kurdistan people and the coming back Kurdish Peshmerga force from both Kurdistan front and Islamic movement to cities to support and victory the revolution of peoples. Here an important historic turning (threshold) point in our Kurdish nation’s and Kurdistan region’s history formed (That is the outside the Baath regime forces from the territory of Kurdistan fully and formation of a large space of administrative, political and economic for the  people of Kurdistan Region. Allied forces led by America established the forbidden flying zones in the north and south of Iraq and observed the area with the help (aid or cooperation) of the political forces of Kurdistan in order to fill that administrative, political and economic space. Then Kurdistan parliamentary (nationalist corporation) and President of the Province elections performed (entered into force), which was according to model legislation developed from the legislative and executive government at that time of Iraq which unfortunately until now, after 26 years of government of Kurdistan, the only building that contain the Perelman and the corporation of Ministers of Kurdistan (where remain) the same building that Saddam had built it for the legislative and the executive (council) of Kurdistan. Election of 1992 for people of Kurdistan was a historical event, a historic carnival at which the people of Kurdistan participated (contributed) with the eyes were full of tears, because it was the hope for the birth of their goals and dreams of years and formation of Kurdish state, But unfortunately, this pink dream and happiness of oppressed people of this liberated region soon turned into a nightmare and beginning a big (conflict) between the two Kurdistan parties that they refuse to accept the election results and confess the success of other. So after making middle-Du mystery parties to share power and position to the 50 to 50 which this was the beginning of a sinister corruption (deprivation) for the people of the Kurdistan Region. Kurdistan Region distributed over (into) 50 by 50 which covered up the all officers of governmental apparatus (employment or administrators), Peshmerga forces, internal forces and the economy (financial) which was a very bad (wrong or unhealthy) system. Then the technocrats and certificate holders if they wanted to work in the office should have been advised by the two parties. And if from it or recommend it did not have to look for a job, or being displaced by (emigrated to) the other governments. After applying the wrong way soon an office space took over the administration’s climate. How and who filled the administrative vacuum..? Of course, the containers are filled with two classes of peoples, The first those who were Peshmerga and had military service and were sacrificed for freedom of their nation and were legitimacy owner of the revolutionary, But for many years deprived from education in educational institutions (mediums), Therefore they had no scientific legitimacy and did not have much experience in running the governmental centers. Which this does not diminish their services and sacrifice. The second those who until yesterday were Baathist which their numbers were almost 250 thousand people. These cause attraction, conflicts and crises between the two parties to strengthen their latest social status. And instead of being a way for the emergence of civil society organizations open, rulers Kurd as well as the policies of the Baathist that the idea of tribalism cared, the idea spread and once again the spirit of tribalism among the population and wealth of oppressed people and their privileges gave to the tribal chief and his house and his military (forces), And this mindset led to growing spirit of tribalism is much more than before and cover most areas of justice and the court and blocked them and prevent to apply the rule (law or legislation). The economy, the two parties and customs checkpoints on the borders of the region, land, factories and government buildings were dominant, and used for their personal interests. Another important point of corruption, the Transparency International organization corruption has introduced large, and will be discussed in detail later, foreign (external or outer) corruption. This means that by partnering with officials, opened the way for international organizations and corporations to corrupt your Bzay Kurdistan Region without trial to bring it alive in the region. Because of this corruption, a major impact on aspects of economic, medical and agricultural entered. For example the Nineties, the institution X with 250 dollars bring wheat from Kanda to Iraq. As we have stated repeatedly that because its domestic wheat purchase price of 100 dollars not to live in this way the fruit of their own peasants and advanced agricultural aspects of the They did not listen to this advice (They ignored this suggestion), because this type of corruption was one of the goals of the global capitalist cartels. Who wanted by selling their goods peoples under their markets and complexes useful and benefit of compound interest consumer and convert. When sick political system is discussed and it is said that this created a climate in which corruption is systematic corruption, intent; it is amiss phenomena that lead to the creation of this corruption and this political incorrect system. Efforts in the past which used to reform this system much less in the efforts which done to prevent reform, keep the gains), the financial and personal benefits that a few people benefit from it.

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