General leader is a tribute to the leadership of the Movement for Gorran on the occasion of the departure of Nawshirwan Mustafa

With great sorrow, we received the news of the death of the writer ,fighter and Peshmerga Naushirwan Mustafa the general organizer of the Movement of Gorran.The brother naushirwan during six decades ago had a distinct role in the struggle and the defense of the Kurdish people whether as a Peshmerga,writer and intellectual. He was also an important role in the uprising of our people against the Baathist regime and also he played a big role in restructuring government institutions and seeking to develop civil society in Kurdistan.I remember in 1995 we had meeting in Sulaimanyah and we discussed about the situation of the region and I bear witness to him that his only concern at that time was the process of unification of forces and arms. Your soul is bound and Allah is the most important member of your family, your friends and your supporters patience and patience.

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