The leader of the Islamic Movement has met with the Turkish Foreign Minister

On Wednesday, August 23/2017 The leader of the Islamic Movement Mr Shiekh Irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz by companying Dr Abdulla Warte and Dr Shwan Qalladzei the member of political bureau and member of the Movements council Shura Mr Kamal Zrari,met with the Turkish Foreign Minister in the city Hawler. In the meeting they discussed on the developments in the region, and the current situation of Kurdistan and Iraq and the relations with Turkish region and the treatment of the disaster between the central and central government of Iraq . In another part of this meeting, they exchanged the ideas about the vote on the referendum of the people of Kurdistan. Kamal Zrari the general office of Islamic Movement that announced, in the meeting the Foreign Minister said, we were afraid and worried about the hardships and roughness that may follow from the referendum. The Turkish Foreign Minister also said i was stressed and unlikely to have any reaction to the Kurdistan circumstance after referendum. In other hand, the leader Shiekh Irfan noted ghat the referendum was the result of the rugged policies of the central government of Iraq against Kurdistan. Also he thought that the discussions of the central government of Iraq against the Kurdistan and their atrocities against the Kurdish people let the Kurdish people to choose a referendum and they decided to go to independence.


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