Irfan Ali Abdul-Aziz

General Guide of Islamic Movement in Kurdistan
He was born on December 12 1964 in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan, from an Islamic religious family. He studied both primary and high school in Halabja. In 1984 he was accepted as a student at Bagdad University, Islamic law department. He was one of the activist students who were against the Ba’ath party and he refused be a soldier in Popular Army ( Iraq) . As a result he was displaced with his friends from the university. He turned back to Halabja and then he and his friends promised to strengthen their activities against the tyrant Ba’ath party. He participated in the great uprising which happened by the people of Halabja and its surrounding towns and villages on May 11 1987 against the Iraqi Ba’ath regime.     The Iraqi government was one of the toughest dictator countries at that time so it used all sorts of weapons and warplanes against the innocent civilian people. After three days of conflicting with Iraqi regime some people were killed, some were injured and many others were arrested so he was obliged to leave Halabja with his family, friends and thousands of people from Halabja, Hawraman and Sharazoor to the surrounding mountains. Their migrations caused to announce the first Islamic party in the Kurdish revolutionary movements under the name of Islamic Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan (I.M.K) which was found by his uncle Sheikh Othman Abdul-Aziz. He became a member of the Islamic movement military bureau till 1990. After leaving service as the military member, he would like to return to his studying. He was accepted in Tehran University, law and political science department and after four years he could graduate in 1994. He decided to continue to study his master degree but because of the specific reasons which happened to Islamic I.M.K in that same year in Iraqi Kurdistan he wasn’t able to continue studying. He returned to Halabja and he became an adviser to general guide, Sheikh Othman. Later he established a center for political research and strategy. In 2001, he was a director of Islamic movement mass media in Kurdistan. In 2003 he left Kurdistan and moved to Britain . In 2008, he returned to Kurdistan , and he continue to renew I.M.K again with his fiends . In the tenth I.M.K congress , which it convened in Erbil the capital of Kurdistan Regional Government, he was elected as the general guide of the Islamic Movement party.